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Ballistic Sport 2x4GB 1600 @ 1333 Best settings on MSI B85-G43 & Pentium G3220

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I set my new PC with:

- MB MSI B85-G43

- Pentium G3220 Haswell  (1333 Dram) 

- Crucial Ballistic Sport 2x4GB KIT BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00CEU run in DUAL MODE


Becouse of processor I should run DRAM under nominal speed. CPU-Z starts timing tables with 800MHz speed (1600).

I have ofen problem with power on PC. I`ve check power supply (voltages behaviour on osciloscope under power on). Everything is ok.

When I remove one of dram, seems to be ok (each modul).

So my qestions are:


- what about compatibility Crucial Ballistic Sport 2x4GB KIT BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00CEU and MSI B85-G43 run in Dual mode at 1333 speed.


- I will try to set memory in BIOS manually. What are perfect settings of this DRAMs in 1333MHz mode in dual?


- First I`ve thought about send MSI MB to service, but probablly the problem is in DRAMs? (support, settings)


Best Regards




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Re: Ballistic Sport 2x4GB 1600 @ 1333 Best settings on MSI B85-G43 & Pentium G3220

Hi Austin,


First of all I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your system.


If you manually set the speed of the memory to 1333MHz it will automatically change the rest of the memory timings for you.  I have checked your processor and you are correct in saying that it will only support up to 1333MHz.


Another option would be to reset the CMOS of your system.  To do this you have to remove the CMOS battery from your motherboard.  The CMOS battery looks like a large watch battery and is located on your motherboard.  Just make sure the system is unplugged and then remove the CMOS battery for 20 minutes and then put it back in and boot the system as normal.


This should automatically detect the memory and change the settings to support it correctly.  Please let us know how it goes and if you need any further help.

Junket, Crucial Moderator UK
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Kilobyte Kid
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Re: Ballistic Sport 2x4GB 1600 @ 1333 Best settings on MSI B85-G43 & Pentium G3220

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Thank`s for advices.


First of all, before I wrote the post, I updated bios from bootable USB Flash Drive. The newest bios from MSI, restet all areas of NVRom and reset to defaults manually from bios and remooving battery + unplugging the power supply.


Stress test of memory and graphics system (shares RAM) passed.

Default loaded settings 1333 MHz are: 8 8 8 20 107 1T


There is no Ballistic Sport memory on the supportet memories list MSI B85-G43 mainboard, but there is  


MicronMT16KTF51264AZ-1G6M1DDR31600Micron D9PFJ1.5VDS4GB


Are the same chips inluded in both branded Crucial and  Micron memories?


Is 1333 SPD (JEDEC) profile included (written) in my Crucials?