8GB sticks in an intel P55 based mobo?

Kilobyte Kid

8GB sticks in an intel P55 based mobo?

I have a gigabyte P55m-UD2 based system that I use for video editing. I've always been a user of crucial RAM and would like to get the most out of this board.


Gigabytes own site says that this board supports a max of 16GB  - however when this board was released there were almost no 8GB sticks in existence.


On multiple forums I have found people who have gotten 32GB total (4 x 8GB) sticks working in comparable P55 based boards from other manufacturers (Asus, MSI). Would it be safe to say that my board MIGHT also support 8GB sticks with the latest Bios?


Both Corsair and GSkill memory finders state that this board will work with 32GB total - 4 x 8gb - but I would prefer to use the ballistix low profile 1.35v sticks from Crucial. Crucial's memory configurator lists the manufacterers spec of 16GB total.


Has anyone else succesfully gotten 32GB of Crucial memory working in a p55 based board? Would the 1.35V low voltage sticks be more likely to be compatible than standard 1.5V sticks? (or what if I just ran the 1.35V sticks at 1.5V to get lower temps?)

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Re: 8GB sticks in an intel P55 based mobo?

Hi kawasakiguy37,


Thanks for contacting us today. We can only guarantee that the 16GB of memory will be work in the system. However, if you purchase the RAM directly through Crucial.com and it does not work we have 45 day return policy for money back. 


Best regards, 


YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: 8GB sticks in an intel P55 based mobo?

Going to try the 32 GB and report back - if it doesnt work, 16 should suffice