Advise on new ram kit needed.

Kilobyte Kid

Advise on new ram kit needed.

I recently ordered a "Ballistix Tactical 8GB Kit (2 x 4GB) DDR3-2133 UDIMM - Crucial part number: CT9105533 - Upgrade for: ASUS A88XM-A/USB 3.1(bios v 0309)" from Crucial UK. There was a similar kit with a lower part number but i ordered the higher number figuring it was a newer revision.


I have never used ram over 1600mhz, only ddr2 800 and ddr3 1600(crucial ballistix sport) before and i am not an overclocker, and my motherboard does not overclock. I have set the ram in bios to 2133. CPU-Z and AIDA64 are showing both ram sticks as "Max bandwidth - PC3-12800 (800 MHz) ) even though CPUZ is reporting "Memory Frequency - 1066.4 MHz (3:32)".


I am just a bit worried about the "Max bandwidth - PC3-12800 (800 MHz)". Although there was little difference in price between the 1600 and 2133 kits, i just need to know my 2133kit is 2133 for my AMD A10 7890K APU.


Barmy Fred