DDR3 Ballistix Tactical Tracer compatibility with Asus Maximus V Formula

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DDR3 Ballistix Tactical Tracer compatibility with Asus Maximus V Formula



I've been using Ballistix Tactical Tracer 1600MHz (4x4gb) for the past 4 years without any problem on motherboard Asus Sabertooth Z77. 


Recently I just replaced the motherboard to Asus Maximus V Formula and noticed that the ram speed cannot be properly detected in the bios (it can goes anywhere from 0Mhz, 176Mhz or even 7143521Mhz depending on which page of the bios information I checked). I tried testing the ram stick individually but the information from bios is still the same each time. I tried reseating the ram, changed slot position and swapping to 3 brand new CMOS battery, just to eliminate the probable cause. Updated to latest bios, and downgraded to one version down didn't help either.


The pc also seems to be having problems during cold booting, where any bios configuration made are saved but just not applied in Windows, and sometimes it doesn't even POST (bios beep: 1 long beep followed by 2 short beep, repeatedly. Asus bios beep code suggested that no memory is detected: https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1029959/



Apart from that, once in Windows I can run and passed the memtest, CPU-Z shows the correct ram speed and can even do some gaming, well until I cold boot the pc. 


These are some of the screenshot taken from bios information regarding the irregular ram speed:DDR3 ram speed not availableDDR3 ram speed not availableRam speed 0MHZRam speed 0MHZNo ram detectedNo ram detectedRam speed 176MHzRam speed 176MHzRam speed 7143521MhzRam speed 7143521Mhz

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Re: DDR3 Ballistix Tactical Tracer compatibility with Asus Maximus V Formula

@archonide I am sorry for the late reply. What is the full part number on the Ballistix RAM that you are using? This will be on the label of the RAM. This will help us research the issue further. 



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