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‎07-03-2012 08:28 AM
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It’s easy to WIN BIG! Simply tell us how much RAM is in your computer for a chance to WIN the “Ultimate Crucial Upgrade” – a 512GB Crucial m4 SSD and up to US$200 in Crucial RAM! w00t 4 loot!


Don’t know how much memory is in your computer? No problem! Let the Crucial System Scanner do all the work:

US: http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/

UK: http://www.crucial.com/uk/systemscanner/


Eligibility: Open to general public ages 18 years and older. Winner must be a legal resident of the United States or its territories, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or European Union (EU).


Terms & Conditions: https://www.facebook.com/CrucialMemory#!/notes/crucial-memory/general-giveaway-legal-terms-condition...




CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: the winner of the Crucial “Speak Up and WIN Big!” contest is … (insert drumroll) … Emmitt from Virginia! Congratulations, you’ve just won a 512GB Crucial m4 SSD and up to $200 of new Crucial memory!!!



Hey there fellas!


I have 8GB of RAM in my computer. Sure wish I had 16GB though.

Bank and Slot Hot Shot

I have 12 GBs of RAM.

Kilobyte Kid


I have 8GB of RAM and my laptop can handle 32GB max.

There is a mSata slot open as well, for a SSD.


Kilobyte Kid

I have 8 GB of RAM, and I would love to win more!

Kilobyte Kid

I have 4 gig of   BL2KIT25664TB1608 but i could do with another 4 Smiley Wink

Bit Baby

Hi, I have 8GB of RAM I bought from Crucial Smiley Wink

Bit Baby

8GB of Crucial RAM in mine... and passed my old 4GB to my Dad's computer so we both got an upgrade. Reallly hoping to upgrade to an SSD sometime soon.

Kilobyte Kid

I've just upgraded to 4GB of Crucial RAM in my 2008 Apple MacBook Pro, and loving it! It's the maximum official Ram for this model sadly, but I think it might be possible to squeeze 6GB in. Must investigate...!

Bit Baby

Currently 4GB on my laptop; planning to upgrade to 16GB soon.

Kilobyte Kid

4gb on my old desktop, 16 in my new laptop



Kilobyte Kid


I currently use 8GB, most of it for Video Editing, May go to 16Gb if the price falls. The SSD drive made working with Video a dream

Bit Baby

I currently have a total of 16 Gb RAM (four 4 Gb 1333 Mhz DDR3 RAM Chips), all of which were ordered through Crucial.

Bit Baby

16GB of 4x4gb @ 1600Mhz really makes protools smoke with the M4 256gb SSD!

Bit Baby

4GB in a quad core mac mini, 16GB and an SSD drive would be sweet

Bit Baby

i have 8Gb's of sdram in my laptop (4Gb x 2 @ 1333Mhz) and ofcourse its crucial Smiley Wink Compliments my 128Gb M4 very well.

Bit Baby

16 GB (4x4) 1600.

Bit Baby

8GB of DDR3 1333 Crucial Ballistix Sport - that's 166.67MHz memory clock, not 1333MHz.

Bit Baby

8GB (4GB x 2)

Bit Baby

i have 4GB of corsair ram  2x2

Bit Baby

I'm using 12 gb 4Gb - x3 DDR3

Bit Baby

8GB in my Mini ITX RIG!

Bit Baby

Now I have 4GB of Corsair RAM and 250GB HDD 5400RPM Smiley Frustrated PLEASE LEMME WIN!<3

Bit Baby
32GB (8GB x 4)
Bit Baby

I have 4GB in my laptop and I'm looking for 16-32GB for my new build.

Bit Baby

I have 8GB (2x4) in my MacBook Pro Smiley Happy

Bit Baby

Maxed out at 8gb thanks to Crucial!

Bit Baby

got 12 GB....but no crucial :-/

and my tiny crucial SSD needs a bigger brother Smiley Wink

Bit Baby

I gots me 8 Gigs of some cheap RAM.  Some Cruical RAM would really work wonders in my system.



Bit Baby

I have 8GB of RAM, I could sure use an SSD though! My HDD is the ultimate bottleneck of my system right now.

Bit Baby

1GB ram in le PC!

Bit Baby
I got 4 GBs in my desktop and 8 GBs in my laptop all from crucial :-)
Bit Baby

I just installed 16 gigs of RAM just this past Friday into my Macbook Pro.


I've had the 512 M4 on my amazon wish list for months, this would be a great birthday present.

Bit Baby

I am running 4GB in my system...could definitely use more...AND an SSD :-)

Bit Baby

I have 8GB in my system and it's not quite enough for the video and photo editing work I need to do. Would love a chance to win this Smiley Happy

Bit Baby

6 Gigs. Not very much for a computer I mainly use to edit HD video with Smiley Sad

Bit Baby

I have 16GB of ram in my system but I could really use a SSD

Kilobyte Kid

16gb unmatched value ram

DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-14900, DDR3 PC3-14400, DDR3 PC3-17000 Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-14900, DDR3 PC3-14400, DDR3 PC3-17000, DDR3 (ECC)
Maximum Memory: 32GB
Currently Installed Memory: 16GB
Total Memory Slots: 4
Available Memory Slots:  0

Bit Baby

Well I have 8 gigs currently. But would love to increase that. But the main thing I want / need is a SSD. Gaming without a SSD puts me at a disadvantage. So I really need to upgrade to a SSD. 



Bit Baby

Right now I have 4GB, but I'm expecting my 8GB's next week. 

Bit Baby

8GBs over here. And they look awesome!

Bit Baby

I have 8 gigs (2x4gig) of Gskill Sniper 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 in my pc currently.

Bit Baby

I have 8gb of DDR3 1333mhz ram at 1.5v and cas latency of 9.

they are a 2x2gb kit and a single 4gb stick of ram


Bit Baby

I have 8 gigs more is always better Smiley Happy

Bit Baby

Currently have 4 GB of RAM in the first rig I've ever built!  Using your M4 SSD and I LOVE IT!  Go Crucial! Smiley Happy

Bit Baby

went from 4 to 16gb thanks to crucial Smiley Happy

Bit Baby
ssd and ram to win ... 4 gb inside my rig, so duke would say "come and get some" ....
Bit Baby

I have 16GB of ram in my system and it would certainly love an SSD and some brothers/sisters in the other ram slots.

Kilobyte Kid
Hey. I got 8 gigs 1600, I think it's enough?
Bit Baby
I have 10 GIGs of Crucial RAM in my Mac Pro. It's whispering it needs more. Much more.
Kilobyte Kid

I have 2GB of DDR2 that is very tired. My 6 year old rig's upgrades have had to wait due to bad circumstance. It still does well and I can still play most games when I go to LAN's. But I can't nurse it along much longer. Getting awesome ram would start me on the road to a new rig after my budget wedding next month. I've always loved Crucial and as an attendee at PDXLAN, I know how much you love your gaming community with sponsorship year after year. Thanks for this opportunity. Smiley Happy