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Kilobyte Kid
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Registered: ‎10-29-2013

crucial balistic tactical problems with asus z87-a

i've been having problems with 2 8gb crucial balistic tactical low profile 1.35v memory since purchasing it.  sometimes my asus z87-a computer will freeze on cold boot with it running at 1.35volts.     the red cpu light will be lit solid.   have to pull power and restart the system.  Is as if the i5 4670k memory controller does not like the ram at 1.35volt.   I had the motherboard and cpu exchanged and the problem still occurs.  You can also reboot it and shut it down a dozen times once it is warm and no problems.  and  Once in windows everything seems fine.  happens at default settings and xmp profile #1.  I seemed fix the hanging on cold boot by forcing the memory to run at 1.5volt using xmp profile #2 on my asus z87-a board.  Now running at the 1.5volts I am not getting freezes on cold boots but getting double boots every 20th cold boot or so.  I am assuming this is the intel memory controller in my 4670k-i5 cpu restarting the system to adjust some memory timings?  


Please see this thread for everything I have tried.  Is this memory not compatible with the asus z87-a at 1.35volt?  .  memory passes x86memtest at 1.35volt and 1.5volt testing.




Community Manager
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Re: crucial balistic tactical problems with asus z87-a

in reply to proudx

Hi proudx,


I am sorry for the issues you are experiencing with your Ballistix RAM. The memory is compatible with your system. I would recommend contacting us directly. Our information can be found in my signature. I am sorry for the inconvenience.


YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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