1TB MX300 Died after less than a month

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1TB MX300 Died after less than a month

I bought a 1TB MX300 (S/N: 1652152BC31D) from Amazon on 02/11/17, as an upgrade from a SanDisk 500GB SSD in a laptop (Dell Inspiron 11 3153). I cloned the original drive to the MX300 using Macrium Reflect and all was well.
On 03/06/17 the Drive Died. Laptop wouldn't boot.
I put the SanDisk back in and the system came up.
When I attach the MX300 to the USB Adaptor I used to clone it and attach it back to the system it shows up as a drive in the System but without any capacity.
When I try to launch Disk Management with the Drive attach it never connects to the Disk Management Service.
How should I proceed?

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Re: 1TB MX300 Died after less than a month

You can try power cycle procedure before drive return.


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