32GB SSD in Dell Mini 9

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32GB SSD in Dell Mini 9

Hi -


I've a 32GB SSD which I've been trying to use in my Dell Mini 9.  Installed it, partitioned it, installed OS, booted from it, all fine.  Then things went wrong - "Operating System not found".


Repeated the install, and the same thing happened.  What I see is:

- the SSD not detected by the BIOS on its "what's in my system" page

- but the SSD listed as a boot option by the BIOS

- the SSD being fine if I boot from an external drive using an Ubuntu LiveCD.


Updating the BIOS from A04 to A05 didn't change things.


Any fixes, or should I send it back?



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Re: 32GB SSD in Dell Mini 9

Hi Dave,


The SSD being listed as a boot option in the BIOS is common for this and other systems.  It is an issue within the BIOS but is not something you can change so you would need to contact the manufacturer for more information on this aspect.

With regards to the drive itself, it sounds like it may be faulty as it seems to be losing information.  As you've tried reinstalling a couple of times and its not holding data then the best option would be to get this exchanged. 

Our Customer Support department can take care of that for you. Be sure to use the proper link for your location, and reference this thread so they can see the troubleshooting you have done.

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