Broken Chip on mSATA

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Broken Chip on mSATA

I have a mSATA with backups on it. I had to remove it from its enclosure temperarily and when I went to put it back I noticed one of the Large Chips looks to have gotten cracked and is no longer being recognized as a device.. is there a way to get the data off the remaining chips(even if the files are not whole)?


P/N: CT032M4SSD3

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Re: Broken Chip on mSATA

You could contact Crucial support and ask their opinion, but I'd say that if the chip is physically broken then you're not going to be able to get the data off the SSD. I hope you have backups of anything important.



Re: Broken Chip on mSATA

I'm not optimistic either.


SSD's store data in parallel across each chip, like RAID 0.  That's how they get the high performance - and also why smaller drives sometimes have lesser write performance because they have less NAND chips in parallel.  With this in mind, I'd say there's no chance of recovering useful data even if you could somehow extract the data from the existing chips (and I would guess you'd need specialist equipment and knowledge to do that)


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