C1E Feature and SSD performance @ 4k tests

Kilobyte Kid

C1E Feature and SSD performance @ 4k tests

Hi all!

Im writing to share the issue I've faced with my fresh m4 64gb and help those who have the same problem.

I've bought my SSD drive about a week ago and tweaked my Win7 64 and BIOS accordng to the tips and FAQ I've read on this forum. Everything went OK and AS SSD test results were quite high for my m4 64gb, except 2 things: rather high acces time and low 4k performance. 


as-ssd-bench M4-CT064 M4SSD2  BEFORE.png




































I've tried everything: changed cables, update bios, realign, fresh install of windows, etc.

But nothing was succesfull.

Today I've almost gave up and decided that it's someting wrong with my mobo or controller.


BUT. Accidentally I've stumbled upon a topic about C1E feature that my mobo supports and turns on by default.

It was said that C1E automatically reduces your CPU multiplier (slows CPU down) when the computer isn't doing much. It's a way to save power. And it slowdowns some HDD's performance!


After disabling it in my BIOS my headache had come to the end Smiley Happy

as-ssd-bench M4-CT064 M4SSD2  AFTER.png







































So I think my experience should be added to FAQ or to some tips how to avoid drops in SSD performance.

Hope it should help someone Smiley Happy



My setup:

Windows 7 64 PRO

ASUS m5a97

AMD Athlon x3 425

ATI Radeon hd5770

12gb ram Kingmax nano pc12800



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Silicon Sultan

Re: C1E Feature and SSD performance @ 4k tests

yep, one of the first things i disable on a board. the thing is, is that many laptop users would prefer it enabled for battery life and a cooler lap, but yes, it can effect bench performance.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: C1E Feature and SSD performance @ 4k tests

Agree, my problem was that I didn't even know that this feature influences SSD drives and I think many more people know neither.