C4 128Gb causing freeze of PC, RMA or troubleshoot SSD?

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C4 128Gb causing freeze of PC, RMA or troubleshoot SSD?




At this point I'm at a loss what to do:


- My C4 is never detected upon boot (boot load info does list all drives except C4)

- It might show up in windows 7 and be accesible

- If Intel RST is active it kicks the drive

- If intel RST is inactive the C4 causes system freezes/hard locks/crashes even if it is not being used (accessed) within 30 to 60 minutes


Is it worth to troubleshoot (read background story) the drive further and what should I do or should it be RMA'd?



Background story:


About a week ago my PC froze up while playing BF3 two times within 20 minutes followed by a hard lock. Had to use power on/off to get it to start up again.


I could not boot at all till I resetted my CMOS which let me to discover the C4 was not recognized anymore as well as my HDD storage drive, only the two DVD drives were seen. I had another SSD available which I used to get a clean install of Win7 64-bit on. After having done this install and confirming stability of the rig (as far an average user can do this) I started to add my drives again. No problem to detect all drives.


Then I came to the bright conclusion I installed all drives in the IDE configuration due to the CMOS reset. I decided to do a clean install (to get AHCI mode operational) instead of a registry hack just to be on the save side.

So after the install I boot up with only my new boot disc showing up. Several boots later the C4 popped up but my HDD was still missing.


At this point I decided to try swapping SATA ports and cables. After a while I got my drives all back and started to download/install all the software I normally use. After about 20 minutes I got a hard lock again. Rebooting only brought me back my boot drive and that was it after several attempts.


At this point in time I decided to drop the C4 drop from my system and reinstall with only my new SSD and old HDD. Everything went smooth and I tested the system for three days, games, HDD/SSD abuse, no problem whatsoever.


So this weekend I tried to hook up the C4 again and the following happened:


The C4 is not detected during boot but it is available under windows (data can be put on it/remvoed from it/functional tests can be performed on it).

After about 30 minutes to an hour my system hard locks. After this the C4 is gone from windows and it might take a while to get it back.

Then in a stroke of genius ( Smiley Wink ) I noticed a small window popping up a couple of seconds after the boot. Upon investigation this small window was Intel RST who apperantly went crazy over my C4 being a danger to my system and kicking it.


Several boots to try and each time the same story. Intel RST kicks my C4 from my system seconds after booting up with the message: Device on SataXX has been removed due to causing severe system instability.








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Re: C4 128Gb causing freeze of PC, RMA or troubleshoot SSD?

This sounds like the bug in the 0009 and older firmwares that causes it to bluescreen regularly after 5000 and something hours use.


You'll need to update the firmware.  But please double check what model you have as there isn't a C4.

There's the M4 in which case you can get the firmware here from Crucial: http://www.crucial.com/support/firmware.aspx

Or the C400 in which case you will need to get it from the supplier of your computer as the C4 is the OEM version of the drive.

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