CT120M500 & Random BSoDs on Optiplex 740

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CT120M500 & Random BSoDs on Optiplex 740



I have several Dell Optiplex 740 machines out in the field running on the latest BIOS revision (2.2.7) and I'm noticing random BSoDs on the machines using the CT120M500 120 GB SSD with Windows 7 x86 installed. I have taken precautions to disable sleep and hibernation and have ran the Experience Index to present to Windows that it's running on a SSD. I've even gone as far as pushing a new image to some of these PCs through MDT and still they are receiving the random BSoD.


Also, the BSoD only seems to happen upon restarting these machines.


I have noticed that I'm running an older firmware (MU02) on most of these drives but I recently upgraded one of them to MU05 and it still ended up with a BSoD. Any thoughts as to what I could try to alleviate this problem?

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Re: CT120M500 & Random BSoDs on Optiplex 740

I'm not aware of any reason they would be crashing but if you're using Intels RST sata drivers, Windows seems prone to misbehaving when installed on one of these drives with old versions of that driver.  So you could check the driver is up to date if it is in use. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=%22Intel+Rapid+Storage+Technolog...

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Bit Baby

Re: CT120M500 & Random BSoDs on Optiplex 740

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this is an AMD based board with an nVidia chipset so checking Intel drivers does me no good.


After posting to the forum, I decided to compare what nVidia has listed as the latest storage driver for this particular chipset and what was installed and to my surprise, the version that installs with Windows 7 was older than what was listed on nVidia's site; I think? What is strange is the dates listed between the two and the driver versions. Below are screenshots of both drivers. The first image is the driver that gets installed with Windows and the second is the driver that I installed from nVidia's website. I assume the second is the driver to go with, just strange that the "older" driver date has a higher driver version. I'll update to this forum in the coming days as to whether or not changing the storage controller driver has helped.