Cloning using Acronis True Image HD

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If you are looking for a guide on how to install and activate Acronis True Image HD 2015, we have directions for that version in another articleA more comprehensive walkthrough of SSD setup and installation, including the cloning process, is provided by our SSD Install App.


The hardware requirements of Acronis True Image HD correspond to the minimum requirements for the operating system installed on the computer to be used for running Acronis True Image HD. In addition Acronis True Image HD requires the following hardware:


  • Mouse or other pointing device (recommended)
  • Second SSD or HDD to clone to

Acronis True Image HD has been tested on the following operating systems:


  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows XP x64 Edition SP2
  • Windows Vista SP2 (all editions)
  • Windows 7 (all editions)
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 (Acronis version 0713 or newer)

Supported file systems:


  • FAT16/32
  • NTFS
  • Ext2/Ext3*
  • ReiserFS*

* The Ext2/Ext3, and ReiserFS file systems are supported only for disk or partition backup/recovery operations. You cannot use Acronis True Image HD for file-level operations with these file systems (file backup, recovery, search, as well as image mounting and file recovering from images), as well as for backups to disks or partitions with these file systems.


  1. Connect your new SSD to the system using the SATA to USB cable or the SATA cable that comes with our SSD install kit.

  2.  Put the CD that came with your Desktop or Laptop install kit into your CD/DVDROM, and reboot your computer.  If your system does not boot to the CD, you will want to check your BIOS boot sequence and change to put the CD/DVDROM before your hard drive in the boot order. In order to boot Acronis instead of Windows, your CD/DVDROM needs to be the first device in the boot order.

    Note that attempting to access the CD from within Windows will not work! The CD will appear blank. You must boot from the CD in order to use the software.

  3. Choose your language.  Use the slider bar next to the language options to view more options.


  4. After the program loads, click on "Clone Disk".


  5. Select your clone mode.  Most users will use automatic.


  6. Select your "source disk" and "destination disk".


  7. Click the "Proceed" button.


  8. Once complete, click the "OK" and close window "X" buttons, and your computer will reboot.


9.  Remove the Acronis disk, and change your SSD to be your boot drive.  You will either need to remove your original drive, or change your boot sequence to boot to the SSD first


A video of the process is below:




Bit Baby

Have attempted to clone existing hard disk drive on HP Pavilion dv6 running Windows 7 Pro.  Software works as advertised up to point of actual cloning start.  The error message appears that process failed.  No other information is given.  Also tried Windows version of Acronis True Image 2014 Premium with same error message at same point in process (when write to Crucial SSD is supposed to start).


Moderator Moderator

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the cloning process. The link to Crucial Support in the article signature will help you get in touch with our Technical Support team, who in turn can help you with the cloning process.

Kilobyte Kid

Has anyone had a problem replacing the hard drive in the dv7t 3100.  I've attempted to pull the tab to the left and it doesn't budge.

Bit Baby

is there a download link for the cloning software? I have a new curcial m500 120gb but it does not have a cd

Moderator Moderator

Unfortunately we don't offer a download of the software. It is included with both the Desktop Install Kit and the Laptop Install Kit, both of which we sell on You can find them both here.


Please let me know if you have any further questions. You can also contact Customer Support directly.

Kilobyte Kid


How long would it normally take to clone 84Gb out of 128Gb SSD onto a 480Gb one?  this is taking over 4 hours??

also when I formated the new SSD, it also took over 6hrs, is something seriously wrong?


also it is getting very warm, not hot, but definitly very warm, not sure that this is a good thing...




Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi The-Speculator,


First of all I'm sorry that the drive is taking long to format and to clone.


Usually when it takes a while to do a clone it is down to the USB port you are using to do the clone.  I would recommend trying the SSD being connected to a different USB port when doing the transfer.  It could be possible that your USB port is only USB 1 which would slow down the transfer a lot.


If it is a desktop system you are using it might be worth while attaching it to one of the other SATA ports and transferring the data across to the new SSD.  It sounds like it is the speed of the USB port that's causing the slow transfer rate.  Please let us know if you are still having issues with the transfer speed after trying the drive internally. 

Bit Baby

Can anyone tell me - before I go opening my packaging - whether the edition of Acronis True Image supplied with the Laptop Installation Kit (I have revision 5294) is compatible with GPT formatted hard drives?


I've read that some versions of Acronis don't recognise these drives. I have a Pavillion 15-n series laptop running windows 8.1.



Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi ucdom,


Thank you for your question.  The version of Acronis that we supply is called Acronis HD which unfortunately does not support GPT formatted hard drives.


I am sorry for any problems this may cause. 

Kilobyte Kid
Do I need to initialize my new SSD per the following link prior to proceeding with instructions on this page? Or do I follow the instructions on this page with the SSD straight out of the box?
Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi LesB,


I would recommend that you initialize the SSD before doing the clone.  That way we know the SSD is fully being picked up before you start the cloning process.


If you need any help with cloning please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.  You can contact the customer service team for your region directly using the links in my signature or simply reply to this.


Kilobyte Kid

I have done all the above in the instructions.  But, after I select my language, it goes to Acronis Logo screen and then nothing happens.  No program loads to continue.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nepharyte,


I am sorry for the problems you have had with Acronis.  I have sent you a private message asking for your address.  We can send another copy of the CD out to you.  It does unfortunately sound like there is a problem with the disk itself.


If you need anything else in the meantime, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Kilobyte Kid

Will this work with Windows8 OS? (I assume that the earlier post was not just due to Windows8.1, but rather due to GPT formatted hard drives?)


If the current SSD drive (128GB) is partitioned into 2 partitions (one being a recovery type of partition but much smaller than the main partition) on it, does the cloning allow both partitions to be copied to the new SSD drive (480GB), and is it automatic or do I have to go into a manual mode during the migration?


I am doing this for a friend, and belive he has only an external DVD drive. That drive should be able to be booted to, correct? (I would just have to make sure it recognizes the external DVD drive and change the boot order to that recognized DVD drive I am assuming)



Moderator Moderator

We have Acronis software that will work with Windows 8. Since we have both versions in stock, I recommend that you call Customer Support for your region to place your order. That way, we can make sure that the Windows 8 compatible version of the software is shipped out.

Kilobyte Kid

Re Nepharyte's problem with the cd that wouldn't load properly, what was the outcome? I have the same problem and when I spoke to the customer service I was told that I have to return myy cd and then Crucial would send me a replacementt. Or I could buy a new one and then have the original refunded. Before I spend any more time on thos I would like to know whether the solution is liekly to work.


Thajnk you

Kilobyte Kid

No response fro Crucial after four days. I managed to sort my problem out by using free software and a cheap drive enclosure, much better value than the installation kit that doesn't work.

Moderator Moderator

Hello pcarcas,


I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to sort out the cloning issues you were having. Did you at any point use the link at the end of the guide to contact our Technical Support for your region? Even though we respond to comment if they are left unanswered for a few days, the comment section of our Knowledge Base articles is not intended to be an official support channel, and if you need help urgently, this is unfortunately not the best place to ask for it.

Kilobyte Kid

I clearly pointed out that I spoke to ypur customer services. I have also sent you a pm but haven't had a response.

Bit Baby

Acronis True Image is paid or not?

Moderator Moderator
Hello iikkakki,


The Acronis software is included with our Easy Install Kits, that you can find for sale here.

Moderator Moderator

Hello pcarcas,


One of our UK-based moderators informed me you've been in contact with our Customer Service. I'm glad they were able to help you out and answer your questions. Smiley Happy

Kilobyte Kid

I recently purchased the easy Laptop install kit, assuming it would be comatible with windows 8.1.  I have revision 5294.  Can you please confirm this is compatible with windows 8.1


Moderator Moderator

Hello doughtring,


Revision 5294 is unfortuantely not compatible with Windows 8.1. For Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you need revision 0713. If you contact our Customer Service they will be able to provide you with revision 0713 though.


I apologize for any inconvenience.

Kilobyte Kid


I will get that version.  Is there a driver fo Windows 8.1 to see the M500 480GB ssd attached via a usb to sata cable?


Moderator Moderator

Since you are connecting the drive to a USB port, the built-in USB drivers should be sufficient.

Kilobyte Kid

Thanx but I have tried that.  Do i need to do anything else as it does not show up?

Bit Baby

Thought I'd share my Acronis cloning fun on a Sony Vaio (E series) running Windows 8 using the Crucial kit (ie the USB to disc cable +  Acronis CD)


First off, the laptop just booted as normal, so I realised I needed to change the boot order,

No hold F8 or F10 on these - there's an 'ASSIST' button to the left of the power switch which comes up with a menu.

Ignore the 'boot from optical device' - that didn't work...

Instead, take the option to go in to BIOS & change the boot mode to legacy (from UEFI) and make the optical disc the first device.

Now the cloning software will work.


After data was cloned,  reset the BIOS option to UEFI & fixed disk, verified the laptop still booted then replaced the disk with the SSD (ie the easy bit shown in the Crucial how-to video...)


Note that some of these steps took 2 reboots, for some inexplicable reason...


Have fun - laptop works very well now !

Bit Baby

Dell Dimension 5150  Bios v.A04 Windows 7 Home Premium SP1


I cloned the 80Gb HDD on SATA-0 to a Crucial M500 240Gb SSD using the Acronis HD Clone software supplied with the Crucial kit.  The SSD was fitted internally and connected to the only other SATA connector, SATA-2.


I followed the Crucial guide and the cloning completed successfully.  The PC rebooted, presumably from the original HDD.  On removing that drive and replacing it with the SSD (connected to SATA-0) the PC would not boot into Windows.  Windows Repair started but could not repair the problem.  The drive was correctly recognised in the BIOS. 


Reinstalling the WD HDD and connecting it to SATA-0 with the SSD on SATA-2 allowed the PC to boot.  There is no option in the BIOS to select a particular SATA drive as the boot device.  In Disk Manager the two disks appeared to have identical partitions and files.  The original HDD was still C: and shown as Healthy (System, Boot, PageFile, Active, CrashDump, Primary Partition).  The SSD showed as E: and Healthy (Active, Primary Partition).


Research on various forums suggested some causes and solutions.  One post said booting with two identical disks causes problems – see post #5 here:


So I cloned the HDD again and this time made sure the PC did not reboot after the cloning finished (there’s an option to shut down the PC after cloning).  I took out the HDD and substituted the SSD connected to SATA-0 and it booted into W7 OK.  Disk Manager now shows the SSD as C:  and healthy (System, Boot, PageFile, Active, CrashDump, Primary Partition).  Everything still seems to work OK after a number of restart cycles.


I haven’t reinstalled the HDD yet as I will wait a while longer but if I do I’ll make sure I reformat it first.


If Crucial agree this was the cause I suggest they update their guide to advise people to use the “Shut down” option after cloning and to swap disks before rebooting.  Hope this helps anyone else who gets the same problem.

Kilobyte Kid



is there an option to put the image of Acronis-HD onto a USB-stick? I would like to replace the conventional disc in my Samsung N150+ netbook with a M500-240Gb. This netbook does not have a CD-drive, and netbooting from a cd in another computer is not supported by this machine's bios.

Does the version of Acronis-HD you offer support incremental backups?



Thanks in avance..

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Knarvel,


Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, Acronis does require a CD. There a number of other cloning software out there that do not require a disk that may be better for you to use in your situation. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 


Kilobyte Kid

I've just got a new Cruicial SSD plus the laptop install kit so I can clone my current environment to the new disk.  However my current disk is full disk encrypted with PGP whole disk encryption.


There is some discussion on this on the Symantec web site:

I am not clear what all this means - it seems to make make a bootable disk differs according to whether you have AronisTrue Image version 7 or 9.  What version will I have? (my disk is labelled "Revision 0713").  Do you have any guidelines for my environment?

Bit Baby

I have wimdows 8.1 Pro installed on an HP Pavilion P7-1446s computer.  I noted that the cloaning software did NOT list windows 8.1 or 8.1Pro as an OS that it had been tested for.  What is the status on this?  Can it be used to clone my 1 T drive (used 168 GB) to a 240GB SSD M100 or larger? 

Kilobyte Kid

I posted this in Community Forum a few days ago, but no response. Trying here...


I have a Dell XPS L702X with dual 512gb drives, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Service Pack 1. No windows updates are pending.


The system is running well.


I bought the MX100 512gb and the Easy Laptop Install kit, and attempted to clone the C: (boot) drive. I took the automatic option, and it ran to completion in about 90 minutes. I swapped the MX100 for the existing drive, and attempted to boot. It failed to boot, offering a "repair" option, which I accepted. After a short time, the message came back that it could not be repaired.


I swapped the disks back, booted, connected the MX100 with the USB/sata cable, and went into disk manager to see what I could see. Here is the comparison between my old drive and the cloned MX100.


Both drives have the same apparent content (folders and files).


Both have three partitions:


1. 102 mb, healthy, OEM partition



   Old drive: Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)

   Cloned MX100: Healthy (Active, Primary Partition)  DIFFERENCE: not designated "System"


3. Old Drive: OS (C): 451.01 GB, NTFS Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

3. MX100: OS(G): 462.18 GB, NTFS, Healthy (Primary Partition)  DIFFERENCE: not designated Boot, Page File, Crash Dump


I'm guessing I have to manually control the cloning process to set the parameters that are missing. Is that correct? How do I do it?


Is there anything else I need to do, drivers e.g.?


All help appreciated.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello macounwr, Sometimes during the cloning process files can get copied over incorrectly. When this happens the boot partition may not recognized by the computer and will not let you boot into the drive at all. It sounds like this may be the situation that you are experiencing. A couple of things we need you to try. -Run a full defragmentation on the old HDD -Run a Checkdisk on the old HDD - Then perform the Clone with the drives in opposite locations (so have the old HDD connected with the USB cable and the SSD installed inside the laptop when doing the clone) Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Kilobyte Kid

<p>Hello,</p><p>I have just bought an MX100 512 GB to clone the 1Tb HD of my laptop which runs Windows 8.1. I followed your instructions carefully, using the manual cloning of Acronis True Image 2014 and proportional partitioning. Everything is OK but it won't copy anything of the estimated 41,2 Gb to copy. The software asks me to accept reboot, my laptop reboots and then nothing. What is wrong with me ? By the way, quite strangely the total amount of data to copy estimated by True Image (41,2 Gb) is not the same as when I calculate myself the sum of the partitions (68.9 Gb).</p></p>

Kilobyte Kid

Is there something that needs to be done to get file exclusions to work correctly?

I am trying to migrate my wife's PC's boot drive from a 2TB drive to a 512GB MX100 under Windows 7. In Acronis, I get as far as the exclusions screen and check the file directories I wish to exclude (which should take me down to ~300GB to clone), and Acronis takes several hours (!) of processing and finally comes back showing 0GB to migrate. If I hit Next I get the hourglass for ~15 minutes and then get dumped back into the exclusion screen. If I try to go past processing, I get the warning that it hasn;t calculated the space and have the same behavior.

I am trying to avoid moving the data files off of the boot drive in the event the clone goes awry and I would need to restore the data off of the external backup that I have created.

Has anyone seen this behavior and found a fix?

Kilobyte Kid

Does the new cloned partition shrink down to a smaller size?  If I am cloning a 1TB Hard disk onto a 256GB SSD and there is only 150GB of data?

Kilobyte Kid

I bought a Crucial M550 256GB mSATA SSD and a laptop install kit in the belief that this would be all that I required to clone my existing 128GB mSATA SSD and transfer this to the 256GB mSATA SSD.  Now I was a little ignorant in the ins and outs of SSDs a but am a competant engineer.


Issues with what I found I needed to do:


  1. I did not understand that the mSATA SSD was not the sort that SSD Install Kit would work with so I had to purchase an additional mSATA to USB interface before I could clone my mSATA SSD.
  2. It was not clear from the instructions for Acronis Ture Image that I needed to create a media CD drive with a standalone bootble version of True Image in order to boot up the pc and then clone the SSD.

Now as I said above, I am a competant engineer and did work both these points out quickly and managed them quite easily but I think for other less capable people Crucial should think about giving more guidance on their website.  The fact that the mSATA SSD would not work with the Install SSD Kit was rather frustrating although I do accept it does not say it will.  Still, I think that most people will think that an installation kit to fit a SSD into a laptop which is what I bought should have done the job!  I do accept that this kit had the Acronis True Image software with it and I new I needed that so it is not wasted.  Perhaps Crucial should consider selling a separate mSATA upgrade kit which has the needed USB mSATA interface adaptor together with the Acronis True Image software?


Crucial is a good website, I have used it before for different memory upgrades on different computers over the past few years and my experience has always been good.  I will continue to come back in the future.  There are some lessons here though if someone cares to listen?!

Kilobyte Kid

If the cloning is going to be to a larger SSD- will the automatic process allocate all the extra space? I have purchased the full Acronis program, currently I'm up to ATI 2015. In its manual, it says if cloning to a larger drive- it will be necessary to do a manual clone to get the partitions the right size while adding all the extra space to the desired partition (presumably the boot partion). If not, then it's unfortunate- since this must be the most common scenario- so it would seem that Acronis could produce a version of their product that would be able to automatically make full use of the space- without having to doing it manually. Is the version you sell with the install kit capable of an automatic cloning smart enough to fully allocate all the space of the newer drive? When I got install kit a year ago- it didn't come with a your version of Acronis on CD- only an URL to download it and an activation key.


Meanwhile, I just tried updating a Crucial SSD to a larger Crucial SSD by making a full disk backup with Acronis- then putting the new SSD in the place of the old one- and running the program after booting from an Acronis created boot CD- but it failed- not sure why. I have read that some Crucial SSDs don't work right with some versions of Acronis. It's also possible I did something wrong while attempting to get all the partition info correct- as, this Dell has 3 partitions- C, a hidden partition, and a Dell RESTORE partition. One thing wrong with how I set that up would probably cause a failure.


So, I'm going to try the cloning method. But I sure wish it would be automatic.


Kilobyte Kid

After many hours of experimenting with the new Crucial SSD and Acronis TI backup program, I managed to succeed in installing the new SSD and copying everything from my older SSD. I describe the problem and solution in the Acronis forums:



Kilobyte Kid

I have the Acronis True Image HD version 0713 that came with the install product. I'm trying to clone my HDD on my Windows 8.1 laptop and the cd won't boot in UEFI mode, even after changing the boot order. I tried it both with Secure Boot on and off. The Acronis cd will boot if I change the boot mode to Legacy, but then it doesn't see my new drive (attached to my USB port) Actually it doesn't recognize my USB mouse in Legacy mode either. I tried both USB 3 and USB 2 with the same result. When I'm in Windows (in UEFI mode) it sees the drive attached to the USB. Please Help! Thanks

Bit Baby
I am trying to clone the 1Tb SATA hard drive that came with new HP laptop to a MX300 SSD drive so that i can replace the internal SATA drive with the SSD drive. That said all i am getting is message that says "starting Acronis UEFI loader" and now the system seems stuck. What am i doing wrong?
Kilobyte Kid

I didn't have any luck with Acronis cloning my drive. Intead, I used Acronis to do a full backup to an external drive- then restored that to the new SSD.


Essentially, Acronis sucks--- for a great backup program- get Macrium Reflect. You can download a free version that will do most of what anybody needs. It's a vastly better program.


I also suggest to anyone with problems with Acronis- to go their web forum. Though the program sucks, lots of good people in that forum who can help.



Kilobyte Kid

Followed to the letter the instructions in the install guide (  All seemed to go OK until the laptop shut down after apparently completing the cloning process.  Tried to restart Windows from the current disk and nothing - just a screenful of Acronis stuff.  Doesn't find the Win 10 installation USB stick either.  I would at least like to be able to restore the thing to some semblance of normality in the event that the cloning didn't complete successfully but can't find any way of getting past the Acronis thing.