Complete Acronis Failure

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Complete Acronis Failure

Acer Aspire One 722 Win 10 - bought a brandnew MX300 ssd to replace my HDD which was in working orer, just very slow.

Downloaded Acronis from the provided link and commenced to do a full clone. When it came to an end with no hotches the laptop shut down.


It would not re-boot. Windows logo appears then a circle of dots just go round and round endlessly.


I tried installing the ssd in place of the hdd, it fits well but again will not boot, same issue - logo etc.


I now have an unworkable laptop. Sadly I only back up my data and not an system back up.


Have put the HDD back in and still no boot up.


HELP - novice user.  I really do not want to re-instal WIn and lost apps and possibly data (dobnt know how to anyway!)