Crucial M4 256 SSD showing bad sectors, is a repair possible? or a warning get a fresh new SSD?

Crucial M4 256 SSD showing bad sectors, is a repair possible? or a warning get a fresh new SSD?


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I have a HP DM3 1048 laptop (yes, a 2010 classic)
From the very beginning I’ve been using Windows 2008 server R2 on in.
About 3 years ago I installed a SSD (Crucial M4 256 GB)
I installed Ubuntu 14.02 as well (on dual boot), my system became an arrow and I was nearer to the perfect laptop efficiency!

However about 6 months ago I got some weird behaviour.

  • sudden Linux reboots
  • Frequent Windows “InpageError”

So I got back in the fear of the HDD era, physical damage!

Since we have actually chips rather than platters, I’ve been reading the entire concept behind the SDD vs HDD differences. Enough to desperate a little more.

I run some scandisk on Windows and what happened after cleaning the windows with scandisk?

Windows effectively cleaned disk errors, but the problems appeared again. so some applications will still crash.

Since I trust more the Linux diagnostics / tools, however I got stuck trying to “clean” the disks: No success

Ubuntu works fine most of times, a little slower maybe.

What should I do?

How can I make an in-depth search and repair, so that I can resume working or otherwise evidence that the SSD is damaged beyond repair and Is this the time for new fresh SSD drive?

EVIDENCE / screenshots:

the status showing in Ubuntu

ssd ubuntu smart data


ubuntu warning - file system is not clean






"storage executive"

status showing in Windows with the SSDlifepro tool

windows error - InPageError

update as of march 2017:
My Ubuntu installation lost network connectivity (lost the files / drivers associated with it)
Since I got some free space, I installed a new copy of win7, without installing more than antivirus and portable apps,

running fine so far. However back to the Windows 2008 installation, the errors keep.

Thanks in advance for all your support.