Crucial M4 256GB Bad sectors?

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Crucial M4 256GB Bad sectors?

In the last two of months I had to restore my system from backups because of IOErrors. The SSD is installed in my iMac and Disk Utility couldn't fix it.


The first time I restored from Time Machine and within three days the same problem. Then I totally zeroed the whole disk and did a restore. Things where much better as expected.


I stored the last SMART output and did one today. The reallocated sector count has increased from 36864 to 40960. Hardware_ECC_Recovered increased from 4964 to 5337.


Wear leveling count is at 34. Not too dramatic I guess.


Could someone explain how bad it is? Should I claim warranty based on these facts? It's quite some work to get this thing out of my iMac.


Most SMART output from other people on the net don't show these high levels of Reallocated_Sector_Ct.

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Re: Crucial M4 256GB Bad sectors?

A growing reallocated sector count coupled with I/O errors and a repeated need to restore from backup sounds bad.  It's probably at least worth talking to support.  You'd have to do so anyway to RMA an SSD as it can;t be done via the webform.  So I'd think it's worth seeing what they say about things.

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