Crucial M4 froze while updating firmware

Kilobyte Kid

Crucial M4 froze while updating firmware

Hi, I'm running windows 8.1 and ran the installer to update the firmware on my drive however it froze for an extended period of time. I then restarted the computer and luckily it is all still functioning. However when I check the firmware it displays as "¤ÿÿë"


Here is the drive information that displays this:

I've run the S.M.A.R.T. Check the short generic and short drive self tests, with the seatools which it all passed.


Any ideas?


Quick edit: I forgot to add, I tried running the updater again but it doesn't appear to recognise the drive anymore:

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Re: Crucial M4 froze while updating firmware

The first and simplest step that worked for some users with simillar issue was to completely power down the system and power it on again. Can you still see this weird firmware number after powering off and booting the system again?


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Crucial M4 froze while updating firmware

To anyone who has a similar problem and comes across this thread (I didn't find anything similar while googling): I was able to resolve this by updating the firmware via the .iso file which was relatively flawless and quick compared to the windows utility.


The tech support person I spoke to on the phone suggested this and mentioned that other people have had similar problems updating via the utility.


Personally I came across a BSOD after my first reboot after reinstalling the firmware ("kernel_data_inpage_error") which windows 8.1 was able to restore quickly on its own. If you're running windows 7 or something older a quick brief read of a google while it restarted suggested running a chkdsk scan.


if that doesn't work I suggest going further with your googlefu or asking someone else for help Smiley Happy


Edit: Oh and to add, honestly completely powering down and turning back on stuffed up my windows installation and I ended up having to refresh the install. But it's all good now (I hope, firmware updated successfully but I'm currently in the middle of a windows update, fingers crossed all goes well!)