Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

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Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

Had the same issue and luckily removal of Acronis True Image HD solved it for me.

This was my fourth SSD upgrade and all the rest went fine using Macrium Reflect Free (which i'd recommend )

Guide to how to do this here :

Acronis True Image HD also didnt resize my partitions correctly and I had to manually fix this - great simple tool to do this here:

Only tried using Acronis True Image HD as it was free and thought it might be even better then Macrium Reflect Free - what a mistake!

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Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

I had the exact same problems. But I used EaseUS Todo Backup and EaseUS Partition Master to setup my SSD. Uninstalled both and problems went away. Also updated MX300 firmware using the ISO Boot CD method.

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Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

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as most of you i have had the same problems. 

I tested many of the solutions in this forum and on the net : 

- Power Management

- Cloning software removal (Acronis / Easeus)

- Changing processor max speed. (underclocking)

- Installing Crucial Manager (Storage Executive)

- updating Intel drivers (no it does not work / exist for old P5Q3 MB)

- Updating all hardware drivers

- Change SATA port

- Setup AHCI in Bios and check it boots correctly under this state.


As most of you, i had after 5 minutes usage à high disk usage with Disk usage > 50% continuous and disk write less that 0,4 mb/s


After searching non SSD problems, i came across a forum thread : 

- Startup Programs, and services are often in cause.


So since 15 days, i tested everything  : Startup programs and services

250 tests later, i came up with the culprit :  Windows Modules Installation Worker (Programme d'installation pour les modules Windows for those french users concerned)

In Msconfig.exe under services, you just need to deactivate the service and voila ! no more freezing after reboot. It is instant, has no long term effects (do plan to regurlaly check manually your windows updates) and i can after more than 3 months of heavy tests, finally use my MX300 for the usage i had meant to buy it... This said : Crucial you suck !!! No available drivers for old MB is just a nonsense... SSD are meant to maintain old MB in activity... You could at least provide generic drivers and help community out... Because in 3 months, i discovered that support has discovered nothing... Only community members ever provided solutions for this c.ra.p  device... 


My 2 cents of the day!


Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

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Drives don't use drivers and crucial don't make motherboards so I'm not sure how they could be expected to provide motherboard drivers?  You should probably direct your frustration at motherboard and computer manufacturers who cease providing driver updates the instant they stop selling a particular model. Having said that, you can always go to the source (Intel or AMD or whatever) and get them from the chipset manufacturer instead.


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Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

Same problems for me, and it's been happening on and off for a few months with my Dell Inspiron 7779 laptop, with MX300 1TB m.2 drive. I haven't used any cloning software on at all as I had to reinstall Windows 10 from scratch to enable the SED features. Momentum cache is currently on but doesn't seem to affect it. Drivers have been updated over the weeks as necessary, the BIOS got an update last week.


Still getting freezes for 60 or 70 seconds at a time, keeping Task Manager on top I can see that the disk suddenly goes to 100% active for the duration of the freeze, with zero actual activity. This causes everything to freeze, as Chrome is waiting for the disk cache, and the paging file is also unable to be read. After the freeze is over everything goes back to normal.


I'm on the latest firmware for the drive too.

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Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

sorry, i said driver by error, i meant firmware. 

I have a Kingston SSD on the same system, (bought because MX300 device was **bleep** the system). I installed latest firmware and have no pb's using it as system drive, after cloning and with cloning softwares still installed...



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Re: Crucial MX300 SDD - Windows 10 Freezing (HELP ME)

Hi Bogdan


I currently have the same issue sadly.

Tried updating everything including drivers and firmwares.

Did not have Acronis installed.

Installed Windows 10 from scratch, no cloning.

Also, getting a black screen before a total reboot a short time after starting. Nothing written in the event viewer.

Before that black screen, had a total freeze, with sound playing in a 0.1s loop, where I could NOT DO ANYTHING but pushing the shutdown button.