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Re: Crucial Storage Executive

Hi bogdan,


Thanks for your questions.


We don’t currently have plans for a Linux version of the Crucial Storage Executive.  Thanks for your feedback and I will pass on your suggestions.


We would not recommend using the Micron Storage Executive on Crucial drives.  Micron and Crucial drives have different firmware so it could recommend the wrong firmware for the wrong drive.  The Crucial version of Storage Executive is tailored to deal with Crucial drives.  If you do have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.      

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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Re: Crucial Storage Executive

I think it is safe but Crucial will not say this because of marketing, support, and branding reasons.


The bigger question to me is, why the **bleep** does the Micron version ship with a user guide but the Crucial version does not??


Re: Crucial Storage Executive

A just question. But at least it is safe to say we can safely read that other user guide Smiley LOL


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Bit Baby

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

This software is useless for me....I am running 2x MX100 in RAID 0 via Motherboard (Rampage 2 extreme)


Chipset on mobo is ICH10R from Intel.


Intel Rapid Storage Technology sees both SSDs.

SSD Life shows both SSDs. 


Yet Crucial Storage Executive does NOT see any of the SSDs. 

Bit Baby

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

I've recently done a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit on a new Crucial BX100 500GB SSD. All of my drivers are up to date and Windows is fully up to date as well. The Crucial Storage Executive software doesn't detect the SSD. It gives me that same message we've seen before:

No Drives Found

No supported drives were found in the system.

This may be because you are running on Windows with all your drives configured in a RAID array, which is currently not supported.

I don't have a RAID setup. My motherboard is an ASUS M5A99X EVO. The BX100 is connected to a SATA 6 Gb/s connector that is set to AHCI Mode by default. I have a DVD Writer and WD Green HDD connected to SATA 3.0 Gb/s connectors.


I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions to get the Crucial Storage Executive to recognize the BX100 drive?

Binary Boss

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

Wintermute wrote:

Dear lord. This is a prime example of how to NOT engineer low-level SYS UTILITY software.


1. Make it all so bloated that the download / installer is >150MB in size. Check.

2. Even better, installed it occupies >200MB on target drive. Make it not portable. Check.

3. Implement it in JAVA with a plethora of dependencies and third party library bundles. Check.

4. Even better, implement it as a Web application and run it on locally installed and operated Web server. Check.

5. Make it overly colored and graphics packed to stun the user base and to compensate for the lack of useful features. Check.

6. Pick a fancy, bad-**bleep** name like Storage Executive. Check.


Insanity, I am lost for words. Sorry. Will happily pass this one.


And for the record, it fails to detect my MX100 256GB connected to SATA 3gbit Intel ICH9 AHCI port, on Windows 7 64-bit.

I completely agree. Plus it uses about 250MB RAM while running (this includes Java itself). One of the worst programs i have had the "pleasure" of using. Compare this to unnamed Korean competitor software: 17MB download, Uses less than 10MB RAM including services and less than 100MB on disk.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

Crucial Storage Executive does not work at all for me.


I knew there will be problems as soon as i noticed it uses Java. Literally every single application in java i used so far cause some sort of problems -> didnt launch at all, freezed, crashed often, ate up enormous amount of resources. Crucial Storage Executive continues this tradition.


It doesnt load at all. All i see is Splashscreen with logo and nothing else happens. Killing javaw.exe proces in task manager and restarting StorageExecutiveClient does nothing.


My system is Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit, java 8u40 both 32bit 64 bit


I was hoping that its reliable tool taht will let me update my firmware instead it seems that its completly useless for me.

Bit Baby

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

Crucial MX100


Acer Aspire 7750G with Intel HM65 Chipset and Windows 8.1. No RAID just SSD for OS and HDD for data.


" Storage Executive:

No Drives Found


No supported drives were found in the system.

This may be because you are running on Windows with all your drives configured in a RAID array, which is currently not supported."


This program is useless for me. I downloaded it and installed to update my SSD drive and this program can't even manage to recognize if i have any. 

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

Yeah I got the same problem, when I start the program all I get is the splashscreen. Anyone got a fix?

Bit Baby

Re: Crucial Storage Executive

[ Edited ]

This is not something that would be run all the time or auto start so it running web server is probably not a security issue.

I just used it to update my MX100 from MU01 to MU02 and it was quick and painless and, to me, better than the alternative of creating a boot DVD (I've done it both ways). The included SMART utility is a nice feature to have in case I need it so I'm going to leave the program installed so when I need it I can use it.