Does the MX300 support FlexCap?

Kilobyte Kid

Does the MX300 support FlexCap?

Just installed an MX300 2TB and updated to the latest firmware. Was interested in setting up over-provisioning via FlexCap (as it seems more elegant than the partition method) using the latest Crucial Storage Executive, but it displayed the following:


No Drives Found Supporting FlexCap


FlexCap is only available when the drive is not the boot drive, is not encrypted, and there are no mounted partitions.

There are no drives found that support the FlexCap feature.

If you feel you have a drive that should support FlexCap, it may be that the drive is your boot drive or it currently has mounted paritions.


I'd initialised the drive (as GPT) in Windows' Disk Management, but hadn't created any partitions.


Can't find any information out there on whether the MX300 supports FlexCap, which means I'm not sure that it doesn't, or that there's some issue with my system preventing it being set up. So my question is: does the MX300 support FlexCap, or does it not? Smiley Happy