Drive Crashing

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Drive Crashing

I have a M4-CT064M4SSD and its started to crash, after a crazy amount of time messing with my PC found out it was a known issue and I needed to update the firmware of the drive so I did that. But its still crashing


Can you take a look at the SMART data and see if its broken and needs to be RMA'd





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Re: Drive Crashing

What exactly was your issue? What exactly did you do? I can guess it was 5184 hours firmware bug that was giving you some crashes and BSODs maybe and you have updated the firmware. How many crashes/BSODs did you have before the update? Was your drive working fine before 5k power-on hours threshold?

SMART data looks completely healthy to me. If your "crazy amount of time messing with PC" means that you have had a lot of crashes it is possible that some of system files were corrupted and that could be the cause it is still crashing.

You could try to use System Restore to roll it back to reasonable far point of time. Also you could try System Repair or clean OS installation (worst case scenario).


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