Enable Write Caching or not??

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Enable Write Caching or not??

Just a quick question folks - by going to Device Manager, Disk Drives and then right clicking the Crucial SSD & clicking Properties, you can access the Policies tab where it gives you the option to turn on or off Write Caching and to turn on or off Write Cache Flushing.


Soooooo - is there any recommendation as to whether to enable/disable these options, what exactly do they do (does it use the Cache on the SSD or is it specifically for mechanical HDD's), and would i get a speed boost by having them on or off????



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Re: Enable Write Caching or not??

Your call - they do what they say on the tin. It's a trade off between write performance and the safety of your data.  If you use a write cache the OS will believe your data is saved and be allowed to proceed with its next task before it actually is so if you have a power cut you may lose that data.  So it depends if you use your PC for critcial work or not and how prone you are to power cuts and crashes.  I have them both ticked on mine.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Enable Write Caching or not??

if on enabled you gain performance,

the error can only occur e if you was in the middle of working on something and did not saved it completely when power off occurred the you screwed but normal usage like gaming browsing will not be affected to much

its a risk im ready to take to get performance boost jumps from 300 to 400+ with raid and cashe enabled