Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300


Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300

Also if you are having troubles with the MX300 series SSD even after updating the firmware, you may need to perform a Secure Erase on it.   Every MX300 SSD we have has required the Secure Erase to get out of its weird state (not reallocating blocks and failing the internal SMART self test).   Of course a Secure Erase will erase everything on the SSD.


Bit Baby

Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300

Thanks for maintaining the MX300 SSDs! The M0CR060 upgrade went without any problems for me.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300

I have successfully updated MX300 firmware M0CR060 on Arch Linux via systemd-boot.

I wrote a guide on my blog (italian) for those interested:

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300

Hi i got a mx300 with current firmware and if been having system freezes lately, is this related to ssd issues with this drive and firmware ? cos everything points towards it actually thought it was my mx100 ssd MU03 firmware but now im starting to think its my mx300 cos thats the one with world of warcraft and overwatch installed and if frozen in both games when playing those, log files sometimes indicate there some issues with writing files before it freezes 


my mx100 has 38624 GB total written 95% life left my mx300 has 100% life left 3539 GB written.


A TCG Command has returned an error.
Desc: AuthenticateSession
Param1: 0x1
Param2: 0x60000001C
Param3: 0x900000006
Param4: 0x0
Status: 0x12


Is what i found at log and a whole bunch


If been googling and searching a lot no idea what this all is but guess i figure that out later after finish research.


Device Name : Drive3
Total Size : 525.00GB <----- mx300
Drive Status : Drive is in good health
SMARTEnabled : Yes
Est. Life Remaining : 100%
TCG Status : Activated <-------
Native Max LBA : 1025610767

Listing the detailed drive information is retrieved successfully
CMD_STATUS : Success


Device Name : Drive0
Total Size : 512.00GB <----- mx100
Drive Status : Drive is in good health
SMARTEnabled : Yes
Est. Life Remaining : 95%
TCG Status : Deactivated <------ not activated this is good right ? aka eror cannot be caused by this drive ?
Native Max LBA : 1000215215


TCG deactivated now after psid revert still wanna know what this option is and why it activates etc.


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Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300



"A TCG Command has returned an error."

Haven't seen a TCG freezing issue in a while. This use to be a big issue about 3-5 years ago on Windows 8 with eDrive enabled. My guess is eDrive is still the culprit here. 

Is windows installed on the MX300 or the MX100? I'm going to assume you have Windows on the MX300 since it's showing TCG is enabled on this drive, and you probably have the MX100 for storage and games? Realistically the error you are getting would be caused by a boot drive with eDrive and TCG enabled.

A PSID revert is part of the answer to issues like this, it will remove the TCG encryption of Microsoft eDrive, however if you do a fresh install of Windows back onto the SSD Windows will automatically enable eDrive again. To work around this issue you can enable an ATA/hardrive password in the BIOS, then install Windows to the drive. An ATA password will block eDrive from being enabled. After Windows is installed you can simply disable the ATA security. The alternative is run a registry command during the Windows install which disables eDrive all together.

A TCG active status on a drive should mean some form of hardware encryption is enabled on the drive. Unless you've specifically setup encryption this is almost certainly Microsoft eDrive aka Bitlocker which is automatically configuring itself with the Windows install.

Again I haven't seen this issue in quite a while, so I assume Microsoft did something on their end to fix the problem, because it just went away after a while, and it didn't seem to be any issue with any specific SSD at the time, since the problem was effecting all drives that had TCG encryption controllers.


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300

It was installed on my mx100 at the time my samsung 970 evo came in now installed there, im still using my mx100 and mx300

TCG was enabled on mx300 and is now deactivated, so i am hoping i am fine now i am on windows 10 btw rs4 build


I could easily psid revert my mx300 cos it was not bootdrive, btw i do use bitlocker but not on my boot drive or ssd's but on a mechanical drive


Anyway to make perfectly clear mx300 had tcg activated mx100 was bootdrive but had tcg deactivated it is now deactivated on both mx100 and mx300 drive

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Feedback Thread Firmware M0CR060 for the MX300

Hey question if it does enable during installation would i avoid tcg to become activated if i dismounted those drives during installation ?

edit: did play a lot of Overwatch tonight rock stable again.