Firmware 1819 Release Notes

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Firmware 1819 Release Notes

Release Date: 10/22/2009


Change Log:


  1. Updater runs out of DOS instead of Windows
      1.1 Added ATA8 ACS2 TRIM Support
      1.2 SATA Rx SSC is turned off by default, Now Rx and Tx SSC both off
      1.3 IDENTIFY word 69 bit 14 is cleared (Non deterministic trim)
      1.4 IDENTIFY word 60-61 are changed (User addressable logical sectors for LBA28)
      1.5 FPDMA error return code was not adequate
      1.6 SMART related changes were made (BBM error log was removed)
      1.7 SATA error handling code was enhanced
      1.8 Added paired page calculation for Micron 34nm MLC NAND

  2. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in error handling in Set Multiple mode command

  3. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused 1.5Gbps diagnostic failure

  4. Bug Fix: SMART related bugs were fixed

  5. Bug Fix: Current ATA security state was not reflected in IDENTIFY information

  6. Bug Fix: Performance boost routine reused the recently used block and it did harm to wear leveling.

  7. Bug Fix: During SATA protocol, abrupt OOB made Controller hang

  8. Bug Fix: In bad block management, wrong number of free blocks is used and it led to timeout and hang

  9. Bug Fix: After STANDBY_IMMEDIATE, most host controllers wait for OOB reply for 100ms. Sometimes Indilinx Barefoot firmware couldn’t answer to COMRESET because FTL initialization took longer time. This bug caused Windows Sleep/Hibernate test failure.

  10. Bug Fix: Various read fail scenario were found with FTL simulation

  11. Barefoot ECO chip support code was added

  12. More NAND ICs supported