Firmware update MX200

Bit Baby

Firmware update MX200

Hi all,

I have some problems with my SSD firmware update

I am using the storage executive and it shows that I am under MU01 when I try the automatic update, my laptop reboot and starts with black screen under grub

I have windows 7 on Asus N76VZ with SSD (MX200 1TB) +HDD

Help please


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Re: Firmware update MX200

I have no experience with firmware updating via CSE but there is an option 'Perform Live Firmware Update' and its description says 'Select this option if you wish to attempt to perform the update live without requiring a reboot'.


You can also try to create bootable USB pendrive by your own using rufus, UNetbootin or UUI - the source .iso file can be extracted from this file.

Keep in mind it is recommended to create data backup before firmware update.


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Bit Baby

Re: Firmware update MX200

Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for your reply,

I tried live firmware update without result, so I used the bootable USB and my SSD now is under MU04

Thanks again but I still want to know why the automatic update haven't work maybe it help someone else someday