Fusion Eludes Me

Kilobyte Kid

Fusion Eludes Me

New (March 2014) Mac mini OSX Mavericks<br>Added Crucial M500 240G<br>Drive recognised by disk utility, able to format, mount and transfer files :-)<br>However core storage operations (diskutility cs create or convert) consistently fail, as to do attempts to install the OS.<br>Any ideas most welcome ... More details available if anyone can help.


Update - sweated blood to update firmware (no cd drive)  [http://forum.crucial.com/t5/Solid-State-Drives-SSD/Updating-firmware-on-Macs-without-a-superdrive/td... very sad that this has not fixed the issue :-)

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Re: Fusion Eludes Me

Hi Sea7spray,


I am sorry that you are having issues with this drive. How is the drive connected? Would you be able to move it into another computer temporarily to see if this issue is resolved?  When you tried to do the install was it connected externally or internally? If it was installed internally, can you try connecting it externally, and vise versa? Thanks in advance. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Fusion Eludes Me

Thanks for your interest .. Since I posted I found telephone support. My drive is currently having 24hours rest (garbage collection) but it seems possible I was just unlucky with a drive that will need replacing!
I will post the out come - soon I hope.
Kilobyte Kid

Re: Fusion Eludes Me

Crucial have without question and very quickly exchanged my drive (I could have had money back - so very happy).
New drive does fusion, installing Mavericks was painful but achieved.
However the drives speed is pathetic so something still not right ...
Kilobyte Kid

Resolve: Fusion Eludes Me

1. Thanks Crcuial for changing my first drive for me ... but was it ever a dud ?


2. Hope this helps someone else ...


(a) Final solution - mount the crucial drive in the site of the original hard drive and the original as the spare.  Everything else is well documented (create corestorage etc).  [Despite my Mac system report identifying a 6Gig connection speed in the spare position].


(b) What I found does not work.

- SSD in empty slot

- [proper orientation as above but trying to push the technology even further]

--raid 0 hard drive and USB 3 drive then fusion this with SSD

--logical volume group with three drives (SSD, HDD & USB3)