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Bit Baby
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Registered: ‎09-02-2013

Get stuck updating MS4 firmwire on Mac



I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on my MS4 256GB SSD-drive in my Macmini.


I have followed the instructions given here: and when I choose the "Windows" start-up from cd-rom I get the "Crucial"-window but it stops working during "Loading boot2880.img....." - after this nothing happens.


I have tried burning 2 cd's but get the same results. Any advice on what to do?


It's a Macmini from mid 2011 and I'm using Apple SuperDrive.




Community Manager
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Re: Get stuck updating MS4 firmwire on Mac

in reply to mohano

Hi mohano,


First of all I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your firmware upgrade.


What's your current firmware version and what are you trying to update the firmware to?


Have you tried using a different burning software?  It would also be great if you could check the current firmware version as you may already have the most up to date firmware version on your SSD.  To check your firmware version please used the steps at the following link:


Please let us know the answers to the questions above and we can then take it from there.

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