How to diagnose ssd before sending rma

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How to diagnose ssd before sending rma

Hello. I have SSD m4 drive (PN CT256M4SSD3) with windows8 pro installed. One day system crushed and won't start up again. I could make image using clonezilla to other drive and it booted fine with no problem.

This is my first contact with SSD drives - is there any tool to check drive before I send it to RMA?


I left laptop powered on in BIOS for over 6 hours and nothing. Now I try to install clean windows on that drive to see I can boot from it.

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Re: How to diagnose ssd before sending rma

I think Windows can possibly crash for many reasons Smiley Wink After that crash did you have more issues with this drive? Did your clean install go well?


You can check drive's SMART attributes with a tool like CrystalDiskInfo. You can post this data on the forum, Edit -> Copy option, just please hide drive's serial number.

You could also stress the drive a little bit under Windows just to see if it works in a reliable way, I would probably go with something like described here.


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