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I'm not achieving the benchmark speeds I expected.

Posted By Moderator Moderator Posts: 508 Registered 04-23-2009

Performance can vary depending on hardware configurations, software, and more.  These simple steps will ensure your SSD is configured correctly:


1. Check what SATA speed your motherboard supports (SATA-I, SATA-II or SATA-III), as this will limit the potential speed of your SSD.

2. Ensure your system is set to run in AHCI mode and the latest AHCI drivers are installed.

3. If it's a desktop, try using a different SATA  port and SATA cable.

4. Ensure the latest firmware is installed on your SSD.  You can find the firmware updates here.

5. Ensure the partition on the drive is aligned correctly. If you cloned your drive, we suggest a fresh install of the operating system.

6. Disable superfetch, drive indexing, and defrag.

7. Update system BIOS, chipset drivers, and SATA controller drivers.



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