Lost 75% performance in 2 years.


Re: Lost 75% performance in 2 years.

woffko wrote:

MSAHCI driver included in Windows 7 and later versions of windows supports TRIM  natively since 2010 AFAIK.

That is correct of course. However thread author is using RAID configuration and as far as I know TRIM in RAID0 is supported only by Intel's driver. As for the MSAHCI vs Intel RST drivers - it seems there is no general rule for the stability. You can try both drivers (msahci and Intel RST proper for your system) and decide on your own. In my case only two PCs (out of many) were working better with msahci driver Smiley Happy


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Lost 75% performance in 2 years.

When raid is in use, uninstalling IRST will only remove the applications and services.

The driver itself remains installed. Removing the driver would destroy your raid.