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Bit Baby
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Registered: ‎10-30-2013

M4 512mb SSD Drives in Dell R710 raid light stay Orange?

I have a Dell R710 server, using M4 512mb SSD drives. They seem to work fine, and the raid admin console shows all drives as in good working status.


The issue is that the Raid controller shows all drive lights Orange.  On boot up, they start out as Green, then switch and stay Orange.


A outside consultant, believes that the drives are not being read properly by the PERC 6/i controller. This is because the raid administration software shows them working correctly.


We are running under Windows Server 2003 x64, using M4 Drives Firmware 003F. Running in a raid 10 configuration with spare.


Is there a firmware update to deal with this issue?  Are we stuck with the problem?  Does anyone have and answers for the problem?






Tracer Lite
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Re: M4 512mb SSD Drives in Dell R710 raid light stay Orange?

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in reply to johnplemons

I think this might be a known problem with non-dell certified drives:


[Dell] certified drives have a special firmware loaded on them so that they know how to respond to the specific commands and according to the specifications of the PERC controller.


Doing a quick search finds a few similar threads:


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