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I got a Crucial m4-CT064M4ssd2 for over 1,5 year and i must say it works great. unfortunately my SSD got full over time. For the past half year is was stuck on 10GB free ( of 64GB). untill last 2 week. It start filling up again. i got now just under 5 GB free on my SSD and im noticing that my pc is getting slower now. I have read about trimtool or garbage collectors.

There are a lot of these programes, but which one is the best for my SSD?

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PS: im sorry for my bad english

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Re: M4 trimtool

Trim and garabge collection have no effect on your drives quantity of free space.  If you don't have enough free space then you need to uninstall some programs you don't need, or delete unneeded files, or get a bigger drive.


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Re: M4 trimtool

Thanks for your answer Smiley Happy

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