M500 960GB MU03 SMART Issue

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M500 960GB MU03 SMART Issue



I have updated the firmware on my M500 960GB as it was showing 18 reallocated event count. MU03 is supposedly fixes SMART issues, so I have updated it. Now the SMART is also showing 2 Reallocated sector count along with the previous error and the Drive health changed from "PASS" to "FAIL"


Any idea what to do now. I cannot find the MU02 Firmware to download and flash back, and every time I boot, I see the SMART error.


Please advise. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: M500 960GB MU03 SMART Issue

What operating system and what SMART monitoring tools are you using?

Please read this:



We can see that in MU03 the attribute for Reallocated Sector Count has been renamed Reallocated NAND Block Count instead.


Instead of looking to downgrade your M500 firmware, I would be looking to upgrade the SMART monitoring software instead, because on an SSD it makes more sense to talk about reallocated NAND blocks than reallocated disk sectors. Having some reallocated NAND blocks is reasonably normal and assuming 2 is a RAW value, I don't think there is anything to worry about.




Re: M500 960GB MU03 SMART Issue

I replied to your other post asking what smart program you are using as I'm not aware of any that support the new firmware yet.


To avoid the error, you are best disabling your SMART software until an update to it is available.  Maybe drop their support an email to make them aware of the issue.

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Re: M500 960GB MU03 SMART Issue

Quite a lot of these SMART monitoring software packages are based on smartmontools and/or use the smartmontools database. Someone needs to submit the new specifications to the mailing list if not already done so.