M550 Windows 7.0 freezing

Kilobyte Kid

M550 Windows 7.0 freezing

Hi guys. I'm a bit worried coming on the forum and seeing Crucial freezing is a bit of a running theme. However this is the new 550 and I can't see any posts on it.


Drive arrived couple of days ago. Installed today, added Windows 7.0, no problems. Ran Windows update which installed IE11 and 109 updates, still no proble,. Installed BT Internets version of MacAfee Virus Checker.


After reboot, system halts with a frozen screen after approx 5 mins of computer idling.


I'm really struggling to see what if any event in the event viewer is the last before it crashes.


Disabled MacAfee real-time monitoring and it still crashes.


Booted up in safe mode and the system didn't crash in a half hour trial.


Booted back up in normal mode and same problem - crashes after 5 mins.


Can anyone help?

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: M550 Windows 7.0 freezing

I just want to confirm that uninstalling McAfee Net Protect solved the freezing issue.


However, I would be greatful if support can look into this as BT Net Protects version of McAfee is given free to all subscribers of this internet provider (one of the biggest if not THE biggest in the UK)


So I imagine the chances are this could affect a lot of people.


The free bundled software is often one of the reasons people stay with their ISP.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: M550 Windows 7.0 freezing

Just for clarity; BT Net Protect Plus is a bundled version of McAfee which includes:


MCAfee Security Centre ver12.8 build 12.8.944


McAfee AntiVirus & Spyware ver 16.8 build 16.8.708


McAfee Personal Firewall ver 13.8 build 13.8.718


McAfee Site Advisor ver 3.6 build


If there is a way I can re-install McAfee and tweak anything to get it to work I would be interested.


Re: M550 Windows 7.0 freezing

Have you also asked on Mcafees forum in case no-one here is using that software?  Mcafees encryption software seems to have stability issues on advanced format and OPAL supporting drives (of which the M5x0 drives are both) - though it doesn't look like Net Protect includes that based on your list above.

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