MX300 (1TB M.2) dies during cloning

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MX300 (1TB M.2) dies during cloning

Hi there,


I recently bought a Acer Travelmate P648mg notebook and I wanted to replace the factory installed 256GB SSD from LiteOn with a new 1TB MX300 SSD from Crucial.


First I did a backup using Acronis Image HD 2015 to an external USB harddisk. After switching the SSDs and checking the BIOS for correct identification of the Crucial SSD I again booted Acronis Image HD from USB and started to copy the backup from the harddisk to the new !TB SSD. After about 10-15 Minutes of copying I received the error message "Direct R/W operation has failed. (0x590001). Input / output error (0xFFF1)".


From this point on I am not even able to access the notebooks BIOS. When restarting the notebook all I can see is the Acer startup logo. If I take out the Crucial SSD and replace it with the original one, all is fine again.


Since exactly the same problem also happened with a Crucial replacement I received from my dealer I am really looking for a solution. I checked and updated the second Crucial to the latest firmware before trying to copy the backup but without any changes. The second SSD died as well during cloning with the same error message.


Any idea whats happing?? Should I return the SSD and look for another brand or could it be a problem with Acronis which came with the SSD??


Thanks for your input!!


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Re: MX300 (1TB M.2) dies during cloning

I don't think this is a problem with Acronis. What is your BIOS version? I would probably try to update it before taking other actions.

Two SSDs refused to work in the same strange way. With no success after possible BIOS update it may be better to try another brand I guess.


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