MX300 - MacBook Pro mid 2010 - Not showing up

Bit Baby

MX300 - MacBook Pro mid 2010 - Not showing up


I've purchased a MX300 275 GB ssd for my MacBook Pro mid 2010. 

I started the Mac from an usb pendrive booting Yosemite. I run Disk Utility to format the new drive, but the ssd doesn't show up in the list (only the usb and the super drive appear).

The ssd showed up in a Windows machine.

I downloaded the last firmware for the MX300, and succesfully installed it in a CD following the guidelines. Then I run the CD in the MacBook, but the screen stops with the following message:


Micron Storage Executive

Loading ... Done.

Unable to get all drives info data.

CMD_STATUS : No supported drives found in the system


Please remove bootable media. Press any key to continue...


The cursor blinks, but nothing else happens.

I restarted the computer, but the disk still doesn't show up. I even connected another Mac via firewire (target mode), trying to format the sdd from the host machine, but the target machine (the one with the ssd) doesn't show up in the host.

In your website says this model of ssd IS compatible with this Mac. 

Any idea? What about the message when updating the firmware?

Thanks in advance,



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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX300 - MacBook Pro mid 2010 - Not showing up

Your Macbook SATA cable is bad......or not connected.

Bit Baby

Re: MX300 - MacBook Pro mid 2010 - Not showing up

Have you managed to install the SSD? I’m having the same issue with my MBP mid 2010