MX300 and Samsung Notebook

Kilobyte Kid

MX300 and Samsung Notebook



I have recently bought a MX300 275GB drive (and installed in a HDD drive caddy in place of the DVD drive) on SATA 2 on my Samsung 350V5C-A02UK laptop. My plan was to use this as the bootable drive with windows and programs.

At first the drive was recognised OK. I imaged the windows partition using AOMEI software.

I reset this to the boot drive in the BIOS but when exiting but it came back with a "Disc read error occured" and would not boot. I then tried using Acronis software to make a complete image of the disc, resizing the partitions. On setting to the boot drive I got the same error message.

I have tried resettting the BIOS to the default values and then running the power cycles as recommended by Crucial_Guru. Now the drive is not recognised at all by the computer, not found in the BIOS, the window 10 computer  disc Management  or the Crucial Scanner


When booting the computer pauses much longer, before starting the windows boot and it seems to be trying to recognise the drive.


I have been unable to find an updated BIOS on the Samsung website and have been very dubious about some of the tools to find updates for the BIOS. I have had a look at the American megatrends website and they do have some tools for updating the BIOS.


I would welcome anythoughts on what to try next or a reliable place to find a BIOS update.



PS I did a similar job with by Dell Desktop using a internal Crucial SSD and everthing is working fine



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Re: MX300 and Samsung Notebook

I'm not sure what's up with the drive but definately don't use third party tools to update your BIOS if you don't know what you're doing!  Incredibly easy to turn your whole machine into a paperweight.  Only use a Samsung supplied one.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX300 and Samsung Notebook

Thanks for the advice!! It would be an expensive paperweight.


An update

Have contacted samsung and found the correct support page under their business pages.

There is a BIOS update but it is only a few months after my computer manufacture. The file is blocked in windows 10 from running unless the publisher is accepted

Reading the certificate it was specifically withdrawn by samsung! I am very hesitant to run it!!

Unfortunately Samsung don't support this model as Windows 10 compatible, although it is happily running it!


I removed the drive and put it into my Dell latitude desktop which already has a Crucial SSD drive as the boot drive.

The drive was recognised and I could see everything on it.

I downloaded the Crucial Storage Exective and the drive is healthy and has the latest firmware update (MOCR040)


The ACHI mode control in the BIOS is set to auto, which I guess is correct?


My next move will be to try swapping over the physical locations of the drives in the notebook to see if that makes any difference.


Any other thoughts would be welcome


Kilobyte Kid

Re: MX300 and Samsung Notebook

Hi All,


Problem is solved. I have took out the hitachi hard drive and installed the SSD in the internal hard drive SATA 1 position. The machine then recognised the drive and booted OK.  rebooted a few times an all seems well. I have now put the Hitachi hard drive into the Drive Caddy and that is recognised and works as well.


So it is solved