MX300 on a Samsung NP535U3C-A04BE

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MX300 on a Samsung NP535U3C-A04BE


I've jsut buy a mx300 to upgrade my samsung laptop.

I maked a clone of the system disk but I  have an problem on the boot ... It make about 2 min 30 to find the SSD and after start windows, after that all is OK

Here is the laptop model :

The SSD has been updated and the laptop firmware is the last one.

Someone has already that problem ?


ps : I have the same with a fresh install ...


Thanks a lot in advance.




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Re: MX300 on a Samsung NP535U3C-A04BE

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what, if any, other boot devices/other (data) drives during cloning/fresh install do/did you have attached to the system? what is listed as first boot in your bios?