Mac Mini 2010 SSD MX300 Speed

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Mac Mini 2010 SSD MX300 Speed


I have a Mac Mini 2010 with C2D Processor and 4GB RAM.
I have upgraded it with MX300 275GB. But when I do a speed test for the SSD it gives a write-speed of about 110MB/S and a read-speed of about 130MB/S.
It is supposed to give up to 500 MB/S on both. What is wrong?

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Re: Mac Mini 2010 SSD MX300 Speed

Sounds like it's running at sata 1.  You would need sata 3 to get 500MB/sec.  Based on your computers age, odds are it is sata 2 and should be capable of 260MB/sec.


However, do you know what motherboard chipset the computer uses?  Some old Macs use an Nvidia motherboard whose chipset is flawed and can't correctly negotiate sata 2 when faced with a sata 3 drive.  Such a system will then revert to sata 1 unfortunately.

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