MacBook Pro Restore Error, help !

Kilobyte Kid

MacBook Pro Restore Error, help !

I have a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012, i am trying to clone HDD to Crucial SSD 525GB MX300 2.5", i have followed Crucial Install / restore guidlines to the letter, format SSD with no problem but when i try to restore HDD to SSD i get the following error message :-


Validating Target

Validating Source

Could not recognize "/dev/ (null)" as an image file

Could not retrive scan information - invalid argument

operation failed


Any ideas guys ?, please help, this is driving me nuts. thanks.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: MacBook Pro Restore Error, help !

If you have never replaced the hard drive cable, then I would highly recommend this be your first step as this model was known to have a very high failure rate for these cables.   Apple even had a free replacement program available for a while, but is now expired for most people.   The cable is inexpensive and the failures could show in many different ways.


I haven't read Crucial's instructions for cloning drives, so what software was being used?   I've always been partial to Carbon Copy Cloner.   Another option for you would be to do a fresh install on the SSD then migrate your data over using Migration Assistant.