Momentum Cache & Raid vs AHCI

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Momentum Cache & Raid vs AHCI

I bought a new Dell XPS 8920 Special Edition about a month ago with Intel 270 chipset, i7 7700 CPU, 16 Gig DDR4, AMD Radeon RX560, 1 TB Toshiba, running Windows 10, and other goodies. I put my MX300 1 TB in this new computer as the primary drive and of course just adding the SSD made a big difference. I have the Toshiba as the second drive.


Then I began experimenting to see what would attain the best performance and here is what I came up with using AS SSD Benchmark 1.9.5986.35387.  All of this testing is with everything on as normal with programs such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, McAfee Live Safe, and Norton 360 Premier running. As you can see I'm running several Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus programs. I keep this computer very clean and these programs have no conflicts that I have encountered on 3 different computers. I also use Aces Utilities to clean the registry regularly. Also I'm using SSD MX300 Firmware M0CR040 and Storage Executive Version 3.43.  


The picture below with the Total of 993 is one that I captured without Momentum Cache turned on. I have gotten up to 1025 and 1037 without MC on, so around 1025 is about average. And it makes no difference if I'm in Raid or AHCI mode from my testing on this computer. Then in the picture below with the total score of 24,769 is with the computer in Raid mode but of course no array is setup and this is about average for this setup. Then the total score of 30,153 is in AHCI mode and is a little high for the average.


Just with Momentum Cache turned on there is a huge difference in how this computer handles and the performce is very very good with no problems that I have encountered over the last month anyhow. But as you can see with these numbers in the AHCI mode it does perform better. 


I have been very happy with this new computer especially compared to my old Dell XPS 630i to where I could only get Sata 1 speeds due to the Bios not supporting AHCI. And of course I could not even run Storage Executive on that computer. I'm also very happy with the Storage Executive and running Momentum Cache because there is such a huge differnce in running Momentum Cache. This MX300 has not given me any problems either. I have tested Trim to make sure that it's running and when not using the computer I log off and let the SSD run Garbage Collection. 


In case anyone is interested I was switching between Raid and AHCI by this method that has worked very well for this computer. To go from Raid to AHCI I go into Regedit and change HKLM; System; Current Control Set; Services; storahci; Change Error Control Key from 3 to 0. Then in storahci; StartOverride; Change "0" Key from 3 to 0. From what I have seen this key stays as 3 no matter if in Raid or AHCI but I have changed it anyhow. Then into System Configuration and change the boot to Safe Boot and apply it and restart.


When at the point I can hit F2 to go into the UEFI and on this computer I just change the Sata Operation from Raid On to AHCI and then save the changes and reboot. And when I come into Safe Mode I check the Registry to see that the changes are still good, I also check Device Manager to see that AHCI controller is now active under IDE ATA and then into System Configuration and go back to Normal Boot Mode and restart the computer. When I come into Windows I go back and double check Regedit and Device Manager to make sure everything is still good. Then into Admin Command Prompt and do a "winsat disk" to make sure things are looking good from the windows standpoint for the disk. And if I want to go back to Raid I just perform this process only with 3 instead of 0 in Regedit and Raid On instead of AHCI in the UEFI.




 MC On in RaidMC On in RaidWith No MCWith No MCMC On in AHCIMC On in AHCI 




I have done more testing with the same setup as above except using Anvil's SSD Benchmark In these tests I ran 5 tests for each setup and then totaled the Total score and divided by 5. With this I used what was the closest screenshot capture to this figure. Below the 3,927.16 is in AHCI with Momentum Cache Off. The 4,075.50 is in Raid with Momemtum Cache Off. The 8,702.58 is in AHCI with Momentum Cache On. The 9,927.18 is in Raid with Momentum Cache On.


I found in using the Anvil's SSD Benchmark that I attained better overall averages with Momentum Cache on than I did with the AS SSD Benchmarks. I also liked the fact that Anvil's Benchmark has more detailed information. 


When looking at these figures it looks like the machine with its present setup runs best in Raid with Momentum Cache On. With this information I'm going to run in Raid with MC on for a while and see if I have any problems and then maybe down the road do more testing with different benchmarks.




AHCI No MCAHCI No MCRaid No MCRaid No MCAHCI with MCAHCI with MCRaid with MCRaid with MC