My MBP 13 suddenly crashed and can't read my new SSD

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My MBP 13 suddenly crashed and can't read my new SSD

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A couple of weeks ago I changed my old HDD, which I found out is curropted, with a new Crucial MX300 525GB SSD. I installed everything just fine and I spent almost two weeks enjoying the high speed difference with no problems, until suddenly my laptop froze and I had to shut it down and turn it back on, but when I did I was suprised to see the infamous flashing foulder with the question mark. When I enter Recovery Mode and check disk utility I can't see my new SSD at all. It's just disappeared for no apparent reason. I own a Macbook Pro 13 Mid-2012.
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Re: My MBP 13 suddenly crashed and can't read my new SSD

@Moaath25 I am sorry for the issues that you have been experiencing with your drive.  It sounds like your issue may be resolved using a power cycle. A guide to running a power cycle can be found here:


If you still run into issues after the power cycle, I would advise following this article to pin point the issue:


Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 



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Re: My MBP 13 suddenly crashed and can't read my new SSD

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I had exactly this issue late last year with my MBP 15 Early 2011 except mine had a standard HDD installed not an SSD.

My issue turned out to be related to this:

Apple repaired the laptop free of charge and the old hard disk immediately worked again as it did before the failure.


Unfortunately the 13 inch MBP isn't affected by this specific problem or its replacement programme but it could point to an issue with the MBP hardware itself rather than the SDD.

My suggestion is to book a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple Store and have them run a diagnostics test on the hardware.  This is non destructive and in my case failed within 10 seconds of them starting.  Its certainly worth a shot.  If there is a failure with the Apple hardware they can tell you if its covered (unlikely) but also they can tell you a cost to repair, though this may be cost prohibitive.  At least at this point you'll know if its Apple hardware or the SSD.  They will do all of this free of charge.  You could use an unthorised reseller/repairer to do the same thing but they will almost certainly charge a non refundable diagnostics fee.  Mine wanted £80 + VAT hence a 100 mile round trip to the local Apple Store for a free of charge repair.


Its also worth just having a good, careful look at the motherboard to HDD/SSD ribbon cable.  I have heard of issues with this rubbing on the aluminium shell of the MBP and chaffing.  Any damage can cause issues.  Lots of stuff on Youtube about this.  Simple and cheap to replace if you find anything wrong.  Be sure to use a bright light source and magnifier if necessary.  Any damage no matter how minor may cuase issues.  There are also suggestions for how to ensure it doesnt happen again.  This involves insulating tape.  On a slight side issue, if you are having the back off to check the cable, clean the fans at the same time.  They are notorious for clogging which can cause overheating issues.  I had this as well(!)  Youtube again will be helpful for this.


Hope this helps.