New SSDs from Crucial

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New SSDs from Crucial



Congrats on coming out with Indilinx based SSDs.  They are definitely one of the best price/performance balanced drives.  In addition, Intel also updated their X-25M drive with faster memory (34nm) and lower pricing.


OCZ just announced that they are adjusting the Vertex and Agility prices in response to the new rollout from Intel.
Does Crucial have any plans on updating their pricing for these M225 drives to reflect the performance/value of the drive?  (I would really prefer to buy from Crucial!  Really hope the pricing will be updated to reflect proper trend in price/performance!)




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Re: New SSDs from Crucial

Hi atseng,


Current pricing for our SSDs can be found at the following link:


As with our other products, pricing can vary on a daily basis due to the nature of the market and supply and demand so please keep checking the website for the latest prices.



Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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