Partition Crucial M500 SSD 460GB

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Partition Crucial M500 SSD 460GB

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My ssd just came in the mail.  The Crucial site states it will be compatible with my Toshiba Laptop.  I will be fresh installing the SSD and then installing the ful Windows 8.1 version from a cd.


My question is:


Should I partition this drive?  My thought is to partition the 460 GB drive into 2 seperate drives and use on as a scratch disc.


However, I have read that it is not good to use the SSD as a scratch disc?  Is this true?  If I don't partition the drive, though, I think the system will still use the SSD as a scratch disc, since it is the only internal drive installed.  I could use my external WD HDD for a scratch but, being connected with 2.0 USB, the speed is sub-standard.  I do have a 16 GB usb stick I could use, as well.


I will be using the pc for photo work and graphics design and occasionally some 3d design.  Any help with this would be great.Smiley Happy



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Re: Partition Crucial M500 SSD 460GB

SSD's have a limited life span roughly decided by how much writing you do to it.  When they first came out, that lifespan was quite short so people went to great lengths to ensure not much writing was done to them.  They're much more robust these days so that's less of an issue.


As for partitioning, it shouldn't make any difference because as you say, it'll use the drive anyway, and the drives wear levelling should keep the wear balanced whether you partition it or not.  So that'll really be down to your own organisational preferences than the drive.


If you do make your own partitions though, you must make sure each one has a starting offset divisible by 4k so the partition is aligned with the drive otherwise performance and life expectancy will suffer.  You can mend this after setting up the partitions though by using this program: right click the partitions in turn and choose align.

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