Problem installing v4SSD Macbook Pro 2006

Kilobyte Kid

Problem installing v4SSD Macbook Pro 2006



I have brought a Crucial v4 SSD 256GB and am trying to replace my HD in my 2006 Macbook Pro (2.16 Ghz Intel Core Duo 2GB RAM Mac OS 10.5.8)


I have cloned my Mac HD with disk utility using the transfer SATAWire to USB. The Mac is recognising the cloned Mac HD drive but will not let me boot from it when trying in System Preferences, Startup Disk, Restart.

I installed it in the Mac but it did not boot up when powed on. I got the message "Unable to find driver for this platform" on a gray screen.


It would not boot from the new SSD drive using the Option key while powering on.


Do I need to format / partition the SSD before cloning?

Any help appreciated.




I've contacted Crucial Tech Support and am sending the SSD back for them to update the Firmware. Hopefully that will solve the issue.