Reboot and Select Boot Device on the New M4 (256GB)

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Reboot and Select Boot Device on the New M4 (256GB)

So, I bought the 256GB model and received it in a timely manner. The first drive I got would allow the installation of operating systems, both Ubuntu and Windows 7 and would refuse to boot so I figured something must be wrong with the drive. I returned it to Amazon and got a replacement within the next 3 days. I just tried the same installs and got the same results, NO BOOT. Did some research and found that the firmware 040h that came installed on the drive, does not play nicely with some computers. I put the drive into my laptop with Ubuntu installed and it booted up normally. Then i decided to downgrade the firmware since 0309 was reported to be the most reliable. I know my desktop can use Solid state drives because I had a 128GB M4 in it and moved it to my laptop. I used Unetbootin and the ISO from here --> and the desktop can boot to the SSD now. Very Happy it's working now. Only time will tell how long the SSD lasts. The one in my laptop(128GB) is almost on 2 years now no problems.


MotherBoard - Biostar TA790GXE Ver. 6.1


So If no boot or the message "Reboot and Select Boot Device" occurs try this, maybe it may help:

This is using the manual boot USB method.

  1. Download UNetbootin
  2. Download Firmware 0309
  3. Extract .iso from
  4. Run UNetbootin and select ISO, then select the ISO location
  5. Click Create
  6. Boot to the USB drive and perform the update(more like downgrade)
  7. Hope for the best

Only reason I am posting this is because this is what I did for my drive to work in my desktop. Good Luck.




So I used firmware 000F and it's working fine as well. I tried 070H just now and pc couldn't boot, so I guess I will just stick with 000F for now.

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Re: Reboot and Select Boot Device on the New M4 (256GB)

You'd most likely find that firmware release 000F works too as that one seems reliable for most people. It would be good if you could mention what sort of desktop/motherboard you have, so that others with the same motherboard will find this post when they do a search.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Reboot and Select Boot Device on the New M4 (256GB)

I'll try the 000F and see if it works as well