SSD drive not listed under "Optimize Drives" tool.

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SSD drive not listed under "Optimize Drives" tool.

I've just bought 240GB M500 and installed a fresh Windows 8.1. I've never had a SSD drive, so I was looking for info how to configure system. I found that W8 is taking care of SSD itself pretty well and there's not much for me to do.


Anyway I'm qute worried, because under the "Optimize Drives" only one partition (out of 2) is listed. Also only one of my HDD drives is listed. I don't know if that's an issue of the tool, or the curcial drive.


Sorry, it's not in english, but I've added some translation:




Also, when I click on 'System reserved' and try to optimize it, nothing happens.


I installed W8 with IDE enabled, then switched to AHCI (with some regedit mod.). Issue was present in IDE mode and still is in AHCI.


So, my question is: Is the TRIM command working? And is my SSD drive taken care of?


PC info:

Motherboard: ASRock P67 Pro3 B3


SSD: Crucial M500 250GB ( 'System reserved' ; C: )

HDD: Samsung HD103SJ ( D: )

HDD: ST3500418AS ( E: )

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Re: SSD drive not listed under "Optimize Drives" tool.

Since no one has replied yet... Well, that is a wierd issue. 

Can you see your C: and E: partitions in disk management and file explorer with no issues?

What is your motherboard's BIOS version? Did you install any additional drivers after clean W8.1 installation?


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