Safe to "Disable Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing" ?

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Safe to "Disable Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing" ?

Hello, I've read this interesting article Tom's hardware  and in there it says:


This is one of those tweaks that isn't universal to all SSDs. In fact, it's not recommended if you own an Intel drive, as it purportedly has a negative impact on performance. If anything, take note of your storage subsystem's performance before and after this alteration to determine if it's something you really want to use or not. 


So, I thought, doesn't intel and crucial have the same controller ? Anyone enabled this tweak ? Should I use it or not ? 

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Re: Safe to "Disable Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing" ?

Only their latest drive has the same controller so they could be talking about older ones.


I'm not aware of its affect on performance.  Most people won't use that option from a data safety perspective irrespective of any performance changes.  You're basically over-riding the software developers opinion that the data just written to disk was vital and should be saved immediately rather than cached.  As the option description says, this is safe to do if you have something like a UPS.  Otherwise a power cut could prove dangerous to your data.


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Bit Baby

Re: Safe to "Disable Windows Write-Cache Buffer Flushing" ?

Thank you for your quick and great answer. I will not apply the tweak as I am more than happy with my Crucial SSD as it is now.