Sleep Mode Use with an SSD.

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Sleep Mode Use with an SSD.

I am new to SSDs and am not very proficient when it comes to computer tech knowledge. The tech who installed my Crucial M500 240 has turned off Hibernation and tells me not to use the sleep mode . I normally use my computer a few hours in the morning and then again in the evening. I would like to use the sleep mode in between these periods. I have read conflicting ideas on line about sleep mode with an SSD. Am I doing more harm by leaving it on full power all day long, or damage to my SSD by using the sleep mode when not in use? I use Win 7 64 . I would appreciate any help . Thanks ress.
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Re: Sleep Mode Use with an SSD.

The drive shouldn't be allowed to power down:


But I see no reason why the computer can't.  I use S3 STR sleep all the time on my M500, C300 and M225.  And have used hibernate on a C300.



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Re: Sleep Mode Use with an SSD.

The tech has been outdated, you may update the person next time. Smiley Wink


Just enable hibernation and sleep again and use it. The crucials are working nicely also with this powersaving options.


There has been an outdated model from an other company which has loved to call for a RMA after a "sleep".