Temperamental boot issues with BX100

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Temperamental boot issues with BX100



I have a Crucial CT250BX100 SSD running Windows 10 with full disk encryption (bitlocker). It’s been running fine for six or so months, but has started to become temperamental. Most of the time I try to boot my laptop, it hangs on the laptop manufacturer’s splash screen (it doesn’t even get as far as the bitlocker screen asking for my bitlocker password). Strangely, it stays on the screen indefinitely rather than showing the “No bootable device” error, which happens if I boot it without a drive in. Sometimes it does work and the Crucial Storage Executive software says the drive is healthy and has the latest firmware.


If I try to reinstall Windows, the installation media cannot detect the drive. If I try using another hard drive, everything works fine, suggesting it’s an issue with the SSD. I wondered if Linux could detect the drive so I booted my computer using a live CD. Linux couldn’t see it and I noticed in the logs it has “ata1: COMRESET failed (errno=-16)…ata1: Reset failed, giving up”.


Trying the disk in another relatively new laptop provides the same results. However, if I use my old laptop (10 years old and doesn’t have support for UEFI), it can see the disk fine. I was able to use dd to take a clone of the disk and put it on another drive and the cloned drive works completely fine. I formatted the disk using my old laptop, but my new laptop is still unable to detect it.


I've tried updating the BIOS and all drivers, but to no avail.


Does anyone have any suggestions?